Amazon Rising - Shedd Aquarium

This exhibit is temporarily closed.

(Amazon Rising is currently closed during the construction at Shedd.)

Amazon Rising is just by the entrance, with a wide range of interesting fish and animals. Younger kids love the windows which go way down—either all the way to the floor, or to small ledges that kids can climb on. A large collection of animals, from stingrays to monkeys, and fish large and small will entertain. Although you can go any direction, it’s generally easiest to follow with the flow of traffic, which starts at the side by the entrance from the Main Lobby and comes out by one of the entrances to the oceanarium.

Look for stingrays, turtles and ducks—even monkeys as you explore Amazon Rising. Many of the best exhibits are at the far end—straight ahead when you enter the area—but the path to get there is fun as well. Look closely for the anaconda in the tank of water across from the monkeys.

Because Amazon Rising is just inside the entrance, it gets very crowded when there are a lot of people coming in. Visiting later in the day will give you slightly fewer people around. Although it's a great exhibit, it's not a must-see if the crowds are too big.