Preschoolers - Shedd Aquarium

Preschoolers are old enough to really enjoy just about everything at Shedd. Make sure you hit the Wild Reef, my favorite spot, and get tickets to the aquatic presentation as well. Underwater viewing of the dolphins and whales is fun, and catch the penguins down there as well. Amazon Rising is also excellent for this age. The other Waters of the World areas may have mixed success for preschoolers as many of the exhibits are higher up on the wall.

Preschoolers are just at the age where they may enjoy Stingray Touch (open during the summer when weather is good) or the sturgeon touch in the Waters of the World - Great Lakes section.

Get to lunch early—11:30 at the latest—to avoid long lines with hungry kids.

Preschoolers will enjoy the penguin play area and the yellow submarine play area if you want to do that—if you don't, then check out the Overview page's More Information section for directions on how to get to the underwater viewing without going past the submarine.