Inclusion and Accessibility - Shedd Aquarium

Shedd is laid out pretty well for wheelchairs, and has elevators near every staircase. Currently, everyone uses the accessible entrance (just south of the large staircase that used to be the main entrance). Look for the appropriately named Man with Fish statue/fountain which is by the accessible entrance. You can buy tickets to the left or, if you're a member or have already bought tickets, go ahead and to the right and follow signs for the elevator to the main lobby. Wheelchairs and rollator walkers can be checked out for free at the information desk in the main entrance area.

On busy days, the middle floor of the Oceanarium can be difficult to leave: the elevator is often full of people going from the bottom to the top floor or the other way around. The exhibits on that middle floor aren't amazing and can be skipped, but the main food court is there. If you're on that floor and it's a relatively busy day, take any opportunity you can to get on the elevator—if it's going the wrong way, just take it for the long ride. It's best at lunch, when people are getting off to go to the food court meaning there's space to get on the elevator. Eating an early lunch means that you can get back on while people are still coming off the elevator for lunch.

Shedd is big on not using straws, so they're not set out for people to use in the cafeteria, but you may be able to specifically request a paper straw when you check out with your lunch.

On Thursday through Sunday, there is a quiet room which is in the Northern Trust Suite—the last door to your left before you leave out the main entrance.

See Shedd's accessibility page for more information, including a link to their sensory phone app.