Elementary - Shedd Aquarium

Elementary is a fantastic age for kids at Shedd, who are old enough for everything at the aquarium. I always recommend starting with the Wild Reef or underwater viewing, and would highly recommend Amazon Rising as well as Stingray Touch in the summer. The animal spotlights, and 4-D movies are fun and nice sitting breaks as well. If it's not summer or the weather's not good enough for Stingray Touch, check out the sturgeon touch in the Waters of the World - Great Lakes section.

Get to lunch early—11:30 at the latest—to avoid long lines with hungry kids.

Elementary age kids are likely starting to age out of the penguin play area, but will enjoy the submarine play area if you want to do that—if you don't, then check out the underwater viewing page for details on how to get to the underwater viewing without going past the submarine.