Strollers - Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium does not have strollers for rent, but you may bring them with you. Depending on the willingness of little people to walk, or big people to carry them, you can choose to go without a stroller and get around Shedd pretty easily (it is one of the first places I start leaving the stroller behind as my kids get bigger). Getting to Shedd from parking can be a decent distance, however.

If you are traveling from out of town and want to rent a stroller, several services offer rentals in the Chicago area, including BabyQuip. The strollers themselves aren't typically expensive, but the delivery fees can add a significant cost.

Navigating with a Stroller

The most challenging area of Shedd for strollers is to leave the middle floors in the Oceanarium. On busy days, the elevator will often be full when it gets to those middle levels with nobody getting out. If you're on that floor and it's a relatively busy day, take any opportunity you can to get on the elevator—if it's going the wrong way, just take it for the long ride. Because of the potential for a long and slow-moving long line, you may want to avoid that floor as much as possible. It's best at lunch, when people are getting off to go to the food court meaning there's space to get on the elevator. Eating an early lunch (good for many reasons) also means that you can get back on while people are still coming for lunch.

If you have more than one kid, you'll be able to get around anywhere with a double-wide (jogging-style) stroller, and won't even need much help holding doors to do that. That said, Shedd gets crowded, and if you've got an option of bringing a stroller that sits one kid in front of the other, or if you have multiple adults and can do one stroller per kid, it will definitely make getting around easier.

Accessible Entrance

Currently, everyone enters at the accessible entrance. Look for the Man with Fish fountain (which looks exactly like how it sounds).