Babies - Shedd Aquarium

I love Shedd with babies, for the same reason I love the zoos: it's a great place to just get out and about, see fun things, and have lots to talk to baby about. As babies start to crawl, the crowds in Shedd become particularly challenging. I recommend Wild Reef the most, followed by the penguins (in underwater viewing), as both have less foot traffic and windows that reach to the floor. Amazon Rising also has windows that go very low, but gets much more crowded.


There is one private space for nursing by the restrooms just off the main entrance lobby. There can be a wait (since there's just one room).

Shedd encourages women to nurse wherever they feel comfortable, and there are a variety of benches, and other areas around Shedd, but almost all suffer from three problems: a lack of privacy, no arms to help support baby, and lots of distracting kids running nearby. One decent option is underwater viewing (lower level of the Oceanarium). There are a long series of lunch tables, which are often empty, once you leave the touch area. Those tables have long benches, though it may be most comfortable with the tables to turn and sit at the end of a bench, using the table to help hold up arms (though turning is mostly necessary to just not have the table get in the way). A few of the tables are tucked away and darker for more privacy. The corridor is far from empty, but tends to be one of the less active areas with easy sitting, plus the long row of windows provides a good view of dolphins or whales in underwater viewing, to entertain older children, and give them space to run within your view.