Pritzker Playspace - Chicago Children's Museum (and Navy Pier)

The Pritzker Playspace is an area exclusively for preschoolers and younger, though it’s really best for toddlers and younger. There are a variety of toys, which change from time to time, and everything is a good size for small kids. The playspace is only open for limited times (see More Information for details), and I rarely return once the kids are old enough to enjoy the other rooms, even though they’re still technically in the right age range.

That said, if you have a toddler or younger, it can be a very good, calmer space than the rest of the museum. It’s especially great for a crawler or starting toddler who likes to explore and isn’t ready to be where the big kids are: the room provides a good chance to take a break and let them explore.


Everyone will need to remove their shoes as soon as you go in, and wash your hands in the sink.

The playspace is open Monday through Friday from 10-12:30, plus 5-8pm on Thursdays when the museum is open later. It’s also open on Saturday from 10-noon and 1-3 and on Sunday from 1-4pm.