Strollers - Chicago Children's Museum (and Navy Pier)

There are no stroller rentals at the Chicago Children’s Museum, or Navy Pier in general. If you have your own stroller, you can bring it with you anywhere in the museum and there is a convenient central elevator to get between the floors (which is different from the elevator that brings you into the museum from the ground level). Even large strollers should be pretty easy to navigate inside the museum.

For good walkers, strollers are really most helpful for getting to the museum and back since Navy Pier is long. The museum is in the front (West side) of Navy Pier, so if you’re arriving at that entrance (say from the bus stop or the Uber/Lyft dropoff) you won’t have far to go. Walking from the parking garage, however, is typically a pretty good hike, especially when it’s busy. If you’re parking off Navy Pier, or walking from really anywhere, you probably have a decent hike to get to the museum. There is a coat room where you can leave a stroller if you don't want it once you get inside the museum.