Treehouse Trails - Chicago Children's Museum (and Navy Pier)

Treehouse Trails is another great room with a variety of options for play including fishing, making food, climbing, and a play area with a slide. There is just one exit, which is pretty easy to keep an eye on. There are two nice chairs for nursing, though not much privacy in the room.


There are actually two places to catch fish. The first is at the small waterfall. Look for small aquarium-style nets to scoop up the plastic fish. There’s a fair number of fish there, but you do have to make sure kids don’t scoop them all, or keep them when done. The second fishing area is done with small magnets by the little bridge, to pick up much larger fish from the pretend river.

Across from the small waterfall is a little log cabin with stove and other accessories, plus a picnic table nearby.

At the end of the room is a large “treehouse.” There are a few ways to climb up, younger kids will just to go up the ramp at the end, but encourage older kids to figure out the other way in. There is a long ball track that kids can climb up by and drop a ball into (though kids under 2 may need help reaching into it). In addition to other activities, there’s a small slide kids can go down.

There’s also a small area for crawlers, although it’s not walled off like the one in Kids Town. For smaller kids that’s probably not a problem, but when my younger son was 9 months old all he wanted to do was crawl over to the fishing area. He got upset when I kept stopping him, and then nearly got run over by a very big kid from an especially poorly behaved school group. That one time aside, it’s normally a good room, even for crawlers who want to explore.