Restrooms - Chicago Children's Museum (and Navy Pier)

Chicago Children’s Museum has my favorite bathrooms of any Chicago-area museum. There are bathrooms on both the second and third floors (the two main levels of the museum). From the second floor (the lower level of the main museum), go down the hallway between Play It Safe (the fire truck) and the Art Studio. On the third floor, the bathrooms are just outside WaterWays and the Pritzer Playspace.

Both sets of bathrooms are very similar. They have fixed (not fold-down) changing tables, even in the men’s bathroom (hurray!), and the men’s room has urinals which go down to the floor. On the top level, there is a smaller toddler toilet. Both have loud hand dryers, but typically have paper towel also available on the side of the changing table. Both also have drinking fountains directly outside the bathrooms. Neither restroom is all that large, but the third floor restroom has more space for strollers, or for leaving strollers outside.

There is a family restroom on both floors, right by the men’s and women’s rooms. These have regular sized toilets and no changing table, but are still handy for helping several kids, especially opposite-sex children (though young kids can obviously accompany parents into the bathroom that’s appropriate for the parent).


Both bathrooms sell $2 diaper kits—fortunately I haven’t needed them yet so, I can’t tell you exactly what’s included or how it’s supposed to fit a wide range of sizes.

Navy Pier also has pretty nice bathrooms, along the main corridor. Although the men’s and women’s rooms don’t have changing tables, most (though not all) have one or two family restrooms alongside them, and those have changing tables. Unfortunately, the one directly across from the Chicago Children’s Museum does not have a family restroom; if you need one but don’t want to go into CCM, head along the hallway further into Navy Pier to find one.