Center for African Apes - Lincoln Park Zoo

The Center for African Apes is the best set of exhibits at the Lincoln Park Zoo. It has gorillas and chimpanzees in tall enclosures with floor to ceiling windows, and outdoor space that is open to the animals in nice weather. Lincoln Park Zoo actually has two groups of gorillas: one family group and another all-male "bachelor" group. By the chimpanzees there is a fun hollow "tree" for kids to climb in and on top of. The hollow tree continues on the other side of the glass, but I've never seen chimps play in it.

Be sure to look for the path to the entrance, and not the exit—they don't make it easy to sneak in the wrong way. Along the entrance path and exit path are outdoor enclosures. It's not rare to see the apes outside on nice days, but if you don't see them easily as you walk by, they're probably inside.