Parking - Lincoln Park Zoo

The main zoo parking is on N Cannon Drive, just south of Fullerton Ave. The parking lot is one-way from north to south, so you'll need to enter the lot off of Fullerton Ave. You can use the address 2400 N Cannon Dr in Chicago in your GPS to ensure it guides you directly to the parking lot. There is some additional street parking in the area, including on N Cannon Drive just north of the zoo, as well as in the neighborhood just west of the zoo. Finding street parking can be pretty tricky, however, since it's a busy neighborhood of Chicago with lots of visitors for the zoo, other nearby attractions, and the lake.

Unless you arrive just as the zoo is opening, or it's a very slow day, you'll probably want to park in the first spot you see. The main entrance from the parking lot (the east gate) is towards the north end of the parking lot, and you'll often need to drive well past it to find a space. You can also enter at the bus drop-off which is further south down the parking lot, although it's not very convenient to many exhibits.

Parking in the main zoo parking costs $30-40 for a typical stay (members receive discounted or free parking). There are two pay stations by the east gate and a credit-only pay station by the bus drop-off (though I've sometimes had trouble with the pay station at the bus drop-off). It's best to pay there and use the paid ticket to leave the parking lot, but you can also pay with a credit card at the lot's exit.