Restrooms - Lincoln Park Zoo

In general, the restrooms in the Lincoln Park Zoo are older and, while not that nice, they are consistently clean. There are no restrooms with toddler toilets or other nice amenities. For members, the bathroom in the member center by the east gate is the best bathroom in the zoo (though it's a single bathroom, so if everyone in the family needs to go, it may take a while). After that, I have a slight preference for the bathrooms by the east gate, but I'll no bathroom is enough nicer or worse than others to make it worth going far.

The gates to the zoo open before the zoo officially opens, and stay open after it closes. Although this means that most buildings are closed off, most restrooms are accessible from the outside and should remain open the entire time (only the bathrooms at the farm and in the Children's Zoo are inside a building and not accessible outside zoo hours). If you arrive before the zoo opens and can't find a bathroom open, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, just outside the North Gate, opens at 9 and has bathrooms just inside.

There are any-gender bathrooms by the East Gate and by the Macaque Forest in the northwest corner of the park, as well as a family bathroom in the Children's Zoo.

See More Information for details on each bathroom in the zoo.


In order from North to South:

Macaque Forest Decent, but without many stalls. There is good space inside and outside for strollers. Changing table in open area. Hand dryers are relatively loud. There is a single any-gender stall as well.

Bird's Eye Bar and Grill The bathrooms are upstairs (at the restaurant). These are very small, though there's plenty of room for a stroller outside the bathroom. The changing table is in the accessible stall.

Member Center Very nice single stall bathroom. Plenty of space for a stroller outside in the member center. Hand dryers are loud, but there is paper towel available as well.

East gate Nice, although pretty narrow. There is space for strollers outside the bathroom, around the corner. The hand dryers are pretty loud. The changing area is in the accessible stall.

Lion House These were not accessible due to construction when I last visited.

Children's Zoo Bathrooms are in the back of the building in the children's zoo. They are a decent size, and moderately open with space for a stroller inside or outside. Surprisingly, there are no tot toilets. The hand dryers are moderately loud. There is also a separate family restroom in the same area.

Small Mammal-Reptile House The bathrooms are by the exit, but you can't go in the exit door easily, so you'll need to walk through the building. The bathrooms are very small, with fairly quiet hand dryers. There is no great space for a stroller, either inside or outside of the bathroom.

Foreman Pavilion I haven't used these, and the Foreman Pavilion was closed when I tried to check them out.

The Patio at Cafe Brauer The bathrooms here are only for restaurant guests. They are inside the restaurant, towards the back right. There are two single stall all gender bathrooms. Moderately loud air hand dryers. The bathroom on the left has a fold-down changing table inside.

Main Barn (at the farm) These are fine, but not as nice as I expected, considering the farm's focus on young children. The bathrooms are a decent size, but not quite as big as I'd expect. Surprisingly, there are no tot toilets or even lower sinks. There is a fair amount of space inside, and it's easy to get a stroller in. Hand dryers are fairly quiet.