Dolphins and Pinniped Point (Seals and Sea Lions) - Brookfield Zoo

The dolphins' underwater viewing is temporarily closed while the dolphin habitat is updated.

Separate from the dolphins, but right nearby is Pinniped Point, with seals and sea lions. To get to Pinniped Point, as you head down the ramp to the left of the dolphin building, to your left is Pinniped Point. Pinniped Point also has underwater viewing, which includes seals and sea lions. This includes underwater viewing, which will entertain kids for a while, as well as an above-water level. The above-water level makes for a nice walk and has more space, but generally has less to see than the underwater viewing. You can choose between the above-water path or underwater viewing at the entrance, and there are stairs in the underwater viewing area that connect the two as well. The top level also includes a walrus statue to honor the extremely popular Olga from Brookfield’s history—be careful because this gets hot in the summer sun.