The Swamp - Brookfield Zoo

The swamp is a small building, with crocodiles and river otters as the highlights. Other animals include birds, turtles, snakes, and frogs. As a whole, The Swamp is fine—since the crocs rarely move much, you won’t get too much excitement. You’ll get a good view of the crocodiles, there are typically one or two up close to the glass, and the otters (which are by the exit) and the turtles next to them are worth a stop through the building if you’re in the area.

Little kids may like the “sawtown” portion of the building, which is designed to feel like an abandoned sawmill, and has some replica pieces there. There’s also a pretend boat that small kids will like to climb in and out of.

There is stroller parking outside the swamp, but you may also bring your stroller in with you.

The closest bathrooms are the nice ones at the nearby South Gate entrance.