Hoofed Animals (North Row) - Brookfield Zoo

Hoofed Animals is the name given to the row of animals along the North edge of the park, to the west of the North entrance. It’s nothing special, but is worth mentioning because it’s not very obvious where the zebras are.

If you start by the entrance, the Hoofed Animals section is the whole way along the right side of the path. The same path will have Australia House and then Habitat Africa on the left.

The big draws for Hoofed Animals are camels, usually in the enclosure closest to the entrance, and the zebras, which are typically towards the very end. At the turn for Habitat Africa, it’s not clear that there really are animals on display ahead, but keep going straight to find the zebras. Others in this area include horses, addax, and often okapi.

There are no close bathrooms for much of the Hoofed Animals. If you’re towards the Western end, the bathrooms by the entrance to the Great Bear Wilderness are the closest (and among the best at the zoo). Walk South past the giraffes to get there. Towards the Eastern end, it’s best to return to the North Gate of the zoo, although those bathrooms aren’t very good.