Safari Tours (Tram) - Brookfield Zoo

Safari Tours (formerly the Motor Safari) is Brookfield’s tram that drives around the zoo. Starting in 2023 there are some significant changes: tickets are now timed, with the Motor Safari designed more as a large loop rather than a hop-on hop-off way of getting around the zoo. There are two stops: by the North and South exits. Get tickets at either of the stops. The motor safari is seasonal; they’ll run for much of the spring, summer and fall, but may not run in winter or on slower days in spring and fall.

Tickets for the motor safari are $6 for adults, and $3 for kids ages 3-11. Seniors (65+) are $4, and kids 2 and under are free. Members are half off.

The North stop is just west of the carrousel, near the carrousel and Australia House, and a good place to see the Hoofed Animals like llamas and zebras along the north edge. The South stop is tucked away to the right if you were coming into the South Entrance, near the Play Zoo, Swamp, and Ape House.

The Safari Tours tram drives slowly, providing entertainment for kids and a break for tired legs, plus the narrators are typically great at telling you about the animals and orienting you to the zoo. A full loop takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

If you ride, sit in the back car so you can ask questions and get advice from the narrator, though you can often catch the narrator or driver between stops (the person taking tickets—though not the person selling them—is often the tram’s driver, and the driver and narrator will switch roles during the day, so ask questions to any of them, they’re all extremely knowledgeable about the zoo and what to see).

The first car is more accessible to people with disabilities, though there’s still a big step up. The driver and narrator can help you get in, and get any assistive devices securely on. If a small step stool would be helpful, just ask as there’s usually one in the driver’s cab.