Parking - Brookfield Zoo

There are two main entrances to the zoo: South and North, which each have their separate lots. The North entrance is the default choice: free parking for members, and cheaper for non-members. As the zoo's main entrance, it also has significantly more spots. The south lot has a shorter walk to get in, but is more expensive (and only free for unlimited members).

For the North lot, plug Golfview Ave, Brookfield, IL into your GPS. If that doesn't work, try Golfview Rd, Brookfield, IL (different GPS companies use different names). See the driving directions page for an address that works for the South lot or for more specific directions about getting to either lot.

The South lot has a shorter walk into the zoo, but has fewer entrance spots and fills up quickly. There are a decent number of accessible parking spaces, so it's a good option for people with mobility challenges, especially when it's not really busy (once the South lot fills up, the overflow parking has as long a walk as the North lot).

Busy days will cause long lines to get into parking, check out our page on crowds for recommendations and links to the zoo's social media pages which will be updated when lots are busy or full.

Note that all streets near the zoo have strict rules about parking.