Strollers - Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is big and spread out. If you're debating bringing a stroller, do it. Even when my kids had graduated out of strollers everywhere else, I'd still bring one to the zoo for a while longer to keep everyone happier.

Strollers can be rented at the zoo, near the North and South entrances. Single strollers are $10 and double are $13. You can also rent a wagon for $13. The busier North entrance is generally slightly easier for renting. There, the strollers are to the left just after you enter the zoo (which, just to warn you, is a decent walk from the parking lot). At the South entrance, you go to the right just after entering, look for the booth by the coffee shop. In both cases, it may be easiest to ask the person scanning your ticket, both locations are visible from that spot.

Strollers can go into most buildings, but several don't allow strollers, primarily Tropic World, The Swamp, Australia House, and the Living Coast.