Driving Directions - Brookfield Zoo

Searching for Brookfield Zoo on your phone or GPS may not always get you to the correct parking lot (or to any lot at all). To make it more complicated, the North parking lot (the main lot) doesn't really have an address. To get directions there on your GPS, try Golfview Ave, Brookfield, IL or Golfview Rd, Brookfield, IL and one of those two should work and highlight a road just north of the zoo (Google Maps and the Waze app prefers Ave and Apple Maps prefers Rd—just try one and if it doesn't work, try the other). If you're required to put in a number on the GPS, putting a 1 should work (for example, 1 Golfview Ave).

For the less-used South parking lot, you can put 2000 Golf Road, Brookfield, IL into your GPS to get you to the lot's entrance.

From the Eisenhower (I-290)

For most drivers from any distance, you'll get to the zoo by taking the Eisenhower (I-290) either out from the city or in from further West. Take exit 20 for 1st Ave and go South (to the left if you were coming out from the city, or right if you were heading in from further West). Shortly after 26th St (which has a stoplight), follow the right lane that splits off from 1st Ave almost like an exit from a highway. That takes you to Golfview Rd, and the entrance to the main (North) parking lot is on your right.

If you want to go to the South parking lot, continue on 1st Ave past Golfview Rd, and past 31st (both of which will have signs pointing to the zoo). You'll then take the next right, just after Riverside Brookfield High School. Take another first right, on Golf Rd, which keeps the high school on your right, and the school's football stadium will be on your left. You'll go about a block straight ahead into the Brookfield Zoo south lot entrance.

From the Stevenson

You can also take the Stevenson to Brookfield Zoo, especially if you're coming from the Southwest. If you're heading out from the city, take exit 282 for 1st Ave and keep to the right onto North 1st Ave. From the southwest headed towards the city, take the Stevenson to exit 282B for north 1st Ave.

To get to the main North lot, take 1st Ave past the Riverside Brookfield High School, and take the next left onto 31st St. Take the first right onto Golfview Ave, and the zoo entrance will be on your left. To instead get to the South lot, turn left just before the Riverside Brookfield High School (turning onto Ridgewood Rd / Forest Ave), and then take your first right onto Golf Rd; the entrance will be straight ahead.