Elementary - Field Museum

For elementary-aged kids, the dinosaurs are likely to be the #1 hit at the Field Museum. You'll see Maximo the titanosaur in Stanley Field Hall when you enter the main floor (which you'll do from the north and south entrances). And head up to Evolving Planet to walk through prehistoric time, from creepy bugs and leading to the Hall of Dinosaurs and a special room for SUE, the Field Museum's famous T-Rex.

Underground Adventure, is not a great exhibit, but kids who love to be grossed out will enjoy the giant animatronic bugs. (Additional ticket required if you don't have an all-access pass or membership). Kids this age may also be happily horrified by the three(!) man-eating lions: two Lions of Tsavo and the Man-Eater of Mfuwe.

Kids this age will also start enjoying the cultural side of the Field Museum, especially the big physical exhibits. Tops among them is probably Inside Ancient Egypt, with a temple and many mummies. Ancient Americas is an engaging exhibit, which you may want to follow through to the Northwest Coast & Arctic People and then to the Pawnee earth lodge. And this age will enjoy seeing both historic and modern ways of life depicted in the Pacific and Traveling the Pacific exhibits on the upper level, including a Maori meeting house. The Africa exhibit is also interesting, although I find the inclusion of so many cultures in a smaller exhibit to be a little disorienting for kids this young; also if you have younger kids who are not yet ready for a short but frank discussion of slavery, see the Africa page for a heads-up about the area to avoid.

Elementary aged kids will have mostly aged out of the Play Lab on the lower level, but it will still entertain them decently if they have younger siblings, or you just need a space to be more active. Or consider a 3-D movies if you're at the museum all day and everyone need a little time off their feet.