Evolving Planet, including dinosaurs and SUE - Field Museum

Evolving Planet, which includes the Hall of Dinosaurs and SUE, is probably the star of the Field Museum. It is a fun and interesting exhibit that walks through the last 4 billion years on earth. It teaches how life evolved slowly and shows examples of what different types of animals would look like at each stage, including an underwater video scene from the Cambrian period that younger kids will enjoy watching. After mass extinction number 4, the exhibit opens up to the great Hall of Dinosaurs with a wide variety of skeletons and very nice animated videos aimed at explaining the science of paleontology.

Following the Hall of Dinosaurs is the SUE exhibit, and room dedicated to SUE, the largest and most complete T-Rex ever discovered. SUE's room has a lot to explore about her, and includes an audio show every 20 minutes that tells about SUE and life as a T-Rex, including very nice lighting to highlight different parts of SUE's body as they are discussed.

Leave the SUE exhibit the same way you came in, and continue on in Evolving Planet to learn more about evolution after the dinosaurs, including early hominids. The exhibit ends with a brief discussion of the current mass extinction, which is being driven by humans.