Membership - Field Museum

Membership has four main levels: Digital ($75, individual only, somewhat limited), Individual ($95, one person and a guest), Family ($150, two people and children), and Family Plus ($180, two adults, children, and one guest). For the family levels, children must be living in the same household or grandchildren, 17 and under. Membership prices are shown for one year; all member levels except for digital also include a two-year option that gives a $10-15 discount.

All member levels include basic admission and "free or discounted admission to all ticketed exhibitions." This generally means free admission to everything in the museum except the 3-D movies, but every year or two a particularly popular special exhibit will come through that is discounted, rather than free. Members also receive discounted 3-D movie tickets, and 10% off at stores and restaurants.

For a family of 4, even just basic admission typically costs around $60 for Chicago residents or $80 for Illinois residents, so a family membership saves money after just 2 or 3 visits.

Unlike many museums, memberships at Shedd don’t include any parking discount, and are not tax deductible.