Restaurants and Food - Museum of Science and Industry

Bringing your food is easy at MSI, and there are plenty of tables behind the escalator on the lower level for people to eat. If there's good weather in the summer, you can also eat outside, using doors in the hallway to the space center.

To buy food there, the only real choice is the Museum Kitchen (food court) in the lower level (go to the blue stairs and follow signs for the food court). There is also a Stan's Donuts near the food court for nice drinks or treats, and a sometimes open snack counter in the Space Center.

Whether buying food or bringing your own, tables fill up quickly so it's best to be at the table or food court by 11:30.

The Museum Kitchebn has a variety of stations with a variety of options including pizza, burgers, and tacos. Drinks and sides are around the outside, with desserts by the entrance. Prices are a little higher than usual for a museum cafe. There are nicer salads and sandwiches aimed at adults, or I'll often get soup which is usually fine. The pizza is pretty lackluster though my kids get it regularly anyways. Each station has its own line where you'll order and pick up food but you don't pay until the cashiers so older kids can pick up their own food independently. Full menus are included in the More Information section.

On most days, there's only one set of cashiers (ahead and to the left of where you came in), and seating is behind them Occasionally there is another set of cashiers across from the first (ahead and to the right of where you came in). Peek around before using those, because there is less seating behind them.


Museum Kitchen Menu