Numbers in Nature (Mirror Maze) - Museum of Science and Industry

Numbers in Nature highlights mathematical patterns and the ways they appear in nature. Its star is the mirror maze, which is a lot of fun. Parents of younger or more worried kids will want to stay close—it’s easy to get separated and disoriented in the maze. But by late preschool or early elementary, it’s fun to let kids loose to find the way on their own.

If you want a couple of tricks to find your way in the maze easily, the first is simply to look for smudges to see if there is a mirror in front of you. And for quicker paths through the maze, generally stay to the right once you enter (if you were to keep your right hand on the wall as you walk through the maze—always taking a right turn if there is one—you’ll find your way pretty quickly through this maze).

The rest of the exhibit is also good, particularly the room after the maze, which has some interesting interactive screens to play with different mathematical patterns.