Middle and High School - Museum of Science and Industry

Middle and high school students will start to age out of many of the exhibits, but there are lots of cool things to see. Top on the list is the U-505, a captured German submarine. The entire story of the danger of U-Boats and the harrowing plot to capture the U-505 itself is told well. Consider the on-board tour of the U-505 (purchase tickets at the museum entrance).

The top floor may be the next best place to go. You! The experience has a variety of exhibits this age will find interesting, as well as the flight simulators near the Boeing 727 (flight simulators require an extra ticket, purchased by the simulators).

The nearby Henry Crown Space Center will also be interesting to this age, with the capsule from the Apollo 8 mission. In this same space is the Giant Dome Theater which is a unique, enveloping experience for watching a movie.

Science Storms, the Transportation Gallery, Genetics, Numbers in Nature, and the coal mine will all be of general interest to kids at this age, though none are likely to be huge hits.