Tickets/​Cost - Museum of Science and Industry

Tickets start at $25.95 for adults and $14.95 for children aged 3 to 11. Children 2 and under are free.

The basic ticket includes access to most of the museum, but there are additional tours or special exhibits that are extra. Movies and the coal mine tour are $12 per adult and $9 per child. The U-505 tour is an additional $18 per adult and $14 per kid. Special exhibits are usually around that price, but can vary depending on the exhibit.

If you buy additional tickets, you must choose the time you'll be visiting the exhibit. For kids elementary aged and below, I don't recommend getting any additional tickets, unless the special exhibit looks good or you're staying all day and want a film as a rest time to break up the day. For older kids, consider the U-505 tour in addition to a film or special exhibit.

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone at (773) 684-1414, or in person at the museum entrance. Particularly if you are adding additional exhibits, it can be helpful to buy online. Not only do you skip the line on the way in, but you can look at available times for exhibits and shows to plan your day out—plus to get those times before they're sold out.