Pioneer Zephyr - Museum of Science and Industry

The Pioneer Zephyr is a beautiful record-breaking train that is actually in the entry hall of the museum. Since it's outside the ticketing area, you'll need to see it before you go in or on your way out. If you've arrived before museum opens or are waiting in line for tickets, it's a great place to entertain kids before you go into the main buildings of the museum.

It won't take a huge amount of time, but it's fun to explore each car of the train, which are now open for visitors to look around. In the front is the engineer's spot for driving the train and the engine behind that, next is the railway post office, the baggage car, the buffet car, the coach car, and the finally observation car. The railway post office gives an interesting introduction to delivering the mail via train, while the coach car and observation car give a great sense of what it would have been like to ride in the Pioneer Zephyr.