Restrooms - Museum of Science and Industry

MSI may win the award for the worst bathrooms of any major museum. The main part of the building has just one bathroom on each floor—even the third floor where you have to walk around the outside to move from one area to another.

In addition, many bathrooms have an incredibly obnoxious faucet, soap, and hand dryer; they use sensors to turn on and it almost always takes me many minutes to get each one on. The hand dryers seem to be the worst for whatever reason. And the changing table is tucked into the accessible stall at several restrooms. They are at least good about having one or more family restrooms at many of the locations.

There’s no great bathroom, but the family bathrooms (on each floor of the main building) are just fine, and much better than the general bathrooms they’re attached to. The bathrooms in U-505 and the Space Center are both fine, though neither has a family bathroom.

There are bathrooms in the Entry Hall, to the right of the large stairs/escalators/elevators going into the museum. There are no family bathrooms nearby, and just one changing table in the accessible stall. This at least has normal sinks and a modern, responsive, hand dryer. There is a little space to leave a stroller outside while you go in.

See More Information for details and locations of the bathrooms.


On the first floor of the museum, the restrooms are between the food court and Farm Tech. If you’re having any trouble finding them, head for Farm Tech and look for the hallway near the tractor. This area has four family bathrooms, each of which has a fold-down changing table, and a nice sink and newer hand dryer. The main bathrooms are huge, but have no changing tables and the really obnoxious sinks/hand dryers. The hallway isn’t very wide, but you can generally leave strollers outside the bathrooms without getting in the way.

The U-505 has a restroom in the exhibit area. These are fairly nice, though small. There’s a good space for diapers, with a fold-down changing table, and uses the newer sinks/dryers. There is a little space outside for a stroller, though it is a high traffic walkway.

The Space Center bathrooms are small but not heavily used. There is a normal fold-down changing table and newer sinks/dryers. There’s a good amount of space outside the door for strollers.

The second and third floors of the main building have similar bathrooms, just off the yellow stairs. There’s a family bathroom on each floor with a nicer sink and dryer. The main bathrooms are fairly small, only have a changing table in the accessible stall, and use the obnoxious sinks and dryers.