Science Storms - Museum of Science and Industry

Science Storms demonstrates a variety of forces of nature, including tornados, tsunamis, lightning, and avalanches. The size and scope of the demonstrations are often more engaging than the demonstrations themselves, but school-aged kids will generally enjoy spending time here.

The large “tornado” is very popular, as is the tsunami station about 2/3 of the way back, where kids can see how changing the size and type of wave will impact the tsunami’s behavior. And while the “lightning” in the balcony is sometimes underwhelming, we still go basically every time. (The lightning happens every 30 minutes; from the main floor, you can spot the countdown on the balcony-level video screens.)

While I’m not sure how much my elementary-aged kids pick up from many of the other exhibits, they enjoy watching and interacting with many of them.

The “lightning” produces a loud horn sound which may bother young children especially. Look for the countdown on the balcony-level video screen to know when it’s coming—it will sounds 3-4 times with some delays in between.